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Shido Lithium Ion Lightweight Battery LTZ7S

  • High quality, high power Lithium ION battery
  • 72% lighter than OE; weighs just 600g
  • Length = 113mm
  • Width = 70mm
  • Height = 105mm
  • Up to 50% more cranking power
  • 6 x longer lifespan than lead acid equivalent
  • Copper terminals for excellent conductivity
  • Built in charge status indicator
  • Direct replacement for YTZ7S battery – No modifications required
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a special charger?

    Can I use a float / trickle charger eg: Optimate / Oximiser etc?
    Yes, but we advise against it unless the charger is a Lithium specific type. This is because this type of charger can have different modes which may charge over 15 volts (this will destroy the battery). If you use this type of charger you MUST disconnect the battery as soon as it is fully charged; failure to do so will kill the battery.

    How do I maintain the battery when not in use?
    Disconnect it from the bike, store in a dry place at room temperature, charge occasionally

    Do I need to charge this battery before use?
    For best results a quick top up charge is recommended before first use

    If you are replacing a battery that failed unexpectedly, we strongly recommend having the charging system on your bike checked before fitting the new battery in order to avoid damage to the new battery